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Windfarm Re-fuelling

Taylor Fuel Control design and manufacture fuel tanks for wind farms across the UK








Main fittings for Fuel Tank include:

  • Duplex filter
  • Lockable Roller Shutter Door
  • Tank Gauging Equipment
  • Submersible Pump
  • Hydrostatic Contents Gauges
  • Motorised Valve
  • Ball Valve
  • Hose reel
  • ZVA nozzle
  • Fuel Management System
  • Solonoid Valve
  • Fuel Polishing Filters
  • Continuous double skinned containment pipework system

The fuel tanks are designed for a coastal marina environments. Each fuel tank is “doubled skinned” with integral bund of 110% main tank capacity, inner tank manufactured from 6mm plate (EN 10025 S275)  The structure is tested to 0.2 bar.








The fuel system is also able to accommodate rise and fall of tide levels with continuous use of fully monitored pipework incorporating a sophisticated leak detection system.

The Environmental Protection System provides the following;
Constant monitoring of the fuel tanks, the outer skin linked to audio and visual alarms which will alert in the event of any leak in either inner or outer tank walls. Tank contents measurement is via tank-mounted probes providing full inventory checking and water detection, displayed on a kiosk mounted control unit which is also linked to low level and high-level alarms.

The external surfaces of the fuel tank are painted with a suitable paint system for coastal polluted environment.