Fuel Booms

Refuelling Arm

A Twin Boom conventional hinged construction with integral slewing ring giving, 360 degree rotation and outreach.

An adjustable counter-balance allows the arm to be in equilibrium in any position and is of minimal mass for optimal elevation.

The unit is ‘stand alone’ and comes complete with steel base frame, flanged fuel connection, flexible end hose & automatic fuel dispensing nozzle.

The Boom can transfer the following pressurized fuel products Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel oil, Avgas and Jet A1; Max 200 LPM/5 Bar

  • Incoming fuel line and stainless steel shut off valve.
  • Synthetic rubber fuel hose c/w automatic fuel dispensing nozzle, nozzle holster and stainless steel fuel shut off valve.
  • Nylon release/parking rope c/w fixing cleat and pulley.
  • Nylon lanyard fuel arm extension/alignment/direction cord.
  • 3-part semi-automatic arm latching system, restraining hinged booms in vertical parked position whilst not in use.
  • Slew ring capable of being locked in 4 alternative secure positions

Equipped with all Statutory Labels and Signage

Taylor Fuel Control Refuelling Arms Are Built Generally To British Standard BS 5950: